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About Knight Design Finishes and Colors

Anodized Finish

Anodizing is a coating applied to the aluminum. It permanently bonds to the metal, and wears quite well. It is harder than aluminum. We offer it in two colors, shown at right: hard black and silver.


7075 Aluminum

Many of our wide foot pegs, and all our replaceable treads (found on all our wide foot pegs) are hardened 7075-T6 extra-high strength aluminum.

Wide foot pegs made out of 7075 are polished.

Black Anodized Wide Lowered Foot Pegs with Hunter Tread

Polished Wide Foot Pegs with Trakker Tread

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Black Anodized
Lowered Foot Pegs, Sidetrax Tread

Silver Anodized
Lowered Foot Pegs, Quadtrax tread