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Buell X1, X1M Tube Frame
Foot Peg Choices

We offer front and rear foot pegs at stock height, lowered 1 inch (25 mm), and lowered 2 inches (51 mm). Please click on what interests you.

Foot Pegs, Stock Height

Foot Pegs, Lowered 1 inch

Foot Pegs, Lowered 2 inches

1 inch Lowered Foot Pegs, Silver Anodized, Sidetrax Tread
1 inch (25 mm) Lowered Foot Pegs, Silver Anodized, Sidetrax Tread

2 inch Lowering Foot Pegs, Black Anodized, Quadtrax tread
2 inch (51 mm) Lowered Foot Pegs, Black Anodized, Quadtrax Tread